Age of Sigmar: Season of War

July 13th to August 13th marks the Season of War

The Season of Sorrows is over and the Seeds of Hope have been scattered.  Muster your forces and fight to decide the fate of the great cities!

"Season of War" is a month-long campaign for the Age of Sigmar miniatures game.  Sign up at the store and choose your faction to earn points that decide the outcome of the campaign.  Each week, new scorecards will be given out that can be filled with game wins or painted miniatures.  Each week, we'll have a special "battle plan" that you can choose to use for your games, or you and your opponent can mutually decide on a point/wound count.

Entry to the event is completely free and is open to players of all skill levels.  Now is actually the perfect time to get into Age of Sigmar if you've been waiting to hop in.  We'll be awarding an extra point to all attendees of "Paint & Hobby Night" that paint at least one model of any size during the night.

Week one will have the Battleplan "A Clash of Battle Plans":

Play area: 2'x2'
Army size: 3 Units of 10 Models Each
Length: 5 Battle Rounds

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